Queensland law breaker Renee Cox, busted making threatening phone calls.
Play back the recordings here!

Renee Cox

Serial law breaker and would be snake catcher Tony Harrison, had his partner Brooke Harrison bitten by a Red-bellied Black Snake and rushed to hospital. She survived the bite. Online they appeared to blame the snake for the bite, which was refuted Australia's foremost snake expert, the Snakeman Raymond Hoser, who said the handler is always to blame. A friend of the law-breakers, Renee Cox, was set onto Hoser by Tony Harrison to make a number of threatening calls, including from a blocked number.
Play back the recordings here (details below).

... Got a series of crank calls today (15 March 2022), including from a law-breaker named Renee Cox, an overweight troll, who lives at Mt Cotton Road, Capalaba, QLD, Australia, Queensland, phone 0432 602 225, who called at 11.22 AM from the preceding number and then another followed up from a blocked phone number.
(- added - she claimed a few hours later the second call was not her ...
see the unsolicited ranting and rambling Messages from her sent on the evening of 15 March 2022, containing a raft of further false and defamatory claims - end of added part).

She seems to be tied in with a bunch of crims who have been unlawfully attacking us and using our registered trademarks for more than ten years and in spite of multiple court orders against them.
In this case it is self evident that well-known law-breaker Tony Harrison is the catalyst for this wholly unprovoked barrage of hate and harassment today.
Anyway, rather than elaborate on the illegally made threatening phone calls (one which she has admitted to and the second, which she now denies), I shall post a link to her incoming and unsolicited phone calls that we received this morning.
This is not the first time we have had to deal with this stuff, so we have now become quite skilled in unblocking blocked numbers from crank callers (as in getting the actual phone number and name of caller), often as soon as the call is made.
In terms of call 2, we shall eventually get advice from Optus as to the number the call was made from and in the meantime give a link to yet more false and defamatory claims from Renee Cox, including that Raymond Hoser promotes and uses Snake Tongs!
In terms of how bad that statement is and how untrue it is, that is akin to saying Jesus Christ killed babies!
I do note however that these ridiculous claims are made in a private message to myself and to that extent, had not been made public, where of course, I have also made this disclaimer here and refer readers to an earlier paper by myself on the subject of snake tongs.
At about the same time on 15 March 2022, we also got threatening SMS messages and a call at 11.06 AM, from another number, namely 0403-339-773, which is no doubt also tied in with the criminal Tony Harrison, based on the content of the SMS messages.
In due course, we shall find out the author of these texts as well (and the caller), and most likely take that matter further.
We received no fewer than 38 unsolicited calls from blocked numbers on 15 March 2022, which is clearly stalking and harassment in anyone's language.
Noting that as the Melbourne Snake Catcher, I, Raymond Hoser was catching snakes in homes most of the day, as well as dealing with clients for our multi-award winning Melbourne Reptile Shows and iconic kids Reptile Parties, the last thing needed is these unwanted distractions to our valuable conservation and public safety work.
We will be taking the matter of Renee Cox further in order to protect the welfare of our clients, staff and most importantly our amazing animals, which I might add is also a legal obligation under the Wildlife Act.
Tony Harrison is a notorious criminal who also happens to handle snakes, best known for his frequent bites, regular trips to the hospital and his illegal usage of registered trademarks owned by others, who for obvious reasons want nothing to do with him.
Harrison also controls and mobilizes dozens of troll accounts on Facebook and elsewhere, to prey on his many victims.

To hear the phone call/s of Renee Cox, see:

The above link being the call admitted by Renee Cox,
A threatening call following the first, which is at the time this is written, being denied by Renee Cox.

The relevant calls were made at the following times.
0403-339-773 - as missed call at 11.06 AM, along with 8 unsolicited SMS threats and abuse between 11.02 and 11.38 AM
The above number was not called back in light of the threatening SMS messages.
0432-602-225 - (Renee Cox), missed call (rung once and stopped), returned call immediately (see above recording), both being at 11.22 AM.
Blocked number (second call audio file above) at 12.20 AM
For most, but not all of the other 37 incoming calls from blocked numbers on 15 March 2022, the caller said nothing and simply hung on the line.
It is said that the reptile business is like the narcotics trade and what is shown here is just a fraction of it. Certainly there are some pretty intense criminals involved in the business.

As an add on (16 March in the morning), please note that I had not heard of Renee Cox before yesterday (15 March 2022), but since posting this material online, I, (Raymond Hoser) have been inundated with calls and messages from other victims of her trolling.
She runs multiple accounts on Facebook expressly for this purpose (including for example as "Renee Panda" ... see more listed below) and been variously described in choice terms, including as "a nutter", a fact confirmed by her rambling text messages sent last night.
Tony Harrison's victims are many, including Nathan Garrod and some of his activities have been previously detailed elsewhere.

As a further add on dated 19 March 2022, we have continued to get a barrage of harassing phone calls.
A number of other victims of serial liar and thief Tony Harrison and his law-breaking friend Renee Cox, have also phoned me with their own tales of woe at the hands of Harrison and/or Cox.
Renee Cox has posted countless hate troll posts on our business and personal Facebook pages (defying our formal cease and desist requests in the messages copied above), doing this by using a large number of different (fake?) accounts.
When one set of hate posts is deleted and the user account is blocked, another load of hate posts are made under another account.
Surely she has better things to do?

See some examples of Renee Cox's Troll posts here!
http://www.snakeman.pro/Renee-Cox-accounts-posts-March-2022.pdf and
details of her multiple facebook accounts and even more troll posts and the like here.

By the way a reality check on a few "facts".
1/ She had published her address and phone number on some of her Facebook profiles (e.g. "Aquarium, pond and reptile Services"), so there was no secret there.
There is nothing illegal about me re-publishing what she had already made public.
2/ It is a matter of public record that phone calls are recorded. If she didn't want to be busted making threats via the phone anonymously, she shouldn't have made the calls.
3/ I had another member of the same cohort busted for making harassing calls from a blocked number a few years back.
His name was Jake Goldring and he was prosecuted by Halifax Police Queensland (thanks people).
I don't often say good things about cops, but you (they) did your (their) job, and no one can reasonably ask for more
This time, Halifax cops directed me to Capalaba Police whom I then called and they told me that they knew Renee Cox, her phone number and where she lived (they said she had moved from the above address, but had the new one), but that they were unaware of any complaint being lodged by her about me (they did not know of me at that stage). That call was made by me some hours after she had repeatedly claimed she had spoken to them twice about me. .... Yes those calls were recorded as well, ... for quality control and training purposes of course!
4/ No police (as of 19 March) have instructed me to do anything with this webpage or material linked to it, or the relevant posts elsewhere linking here. Claims to this effect by Cox are wholly untrue. the only contact with police on this matter, has been me contacting them (3 calls to Qld and 2 to Vic), the five outgoing calls being a result of me being handballed from place to place. 5/ Unfortunately, and as a big interruption to our work, we have lodged complaints with the police (our local ones and by email) in relation to the unlawful phone calls and cyber stalking, along with the supporting evidence (including the content of this page and more of the same we have not published, due mainly to its extent).
5/ If she is a police protected criminal, she will be safe.
Otherwise we expect her to be charged.
Usual result for such a matter (one threatening call only) is 6 months jail and therefore we would be hoping for at least that, based on her further stalking and harassment
.... and just so you know, a few of her (fake?) accounts that she has carpet-bombed us with hate rants include:
Renee Cox
Renee Panda
Ren Sophie
Aquarium, pond and reptile Services
and ...
Australian Breast Cancer Support

... And speaking of animal abuse and animal cruelty, we ask that you, the readers of this, please ignore the life-ending animal abuse and cruelty that Renee Cox, AKA Renee Panda, AKA Ren Sophie, AKA "Australian Breast Cancer Support", AKA Aquarium, pond and reptile Services, is inflicting to the poor hapless fish in the image below, complete with her own set of TONGS ...

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Criminal Renee Cox

Criminal Renee Cox

Snake Man busts law-breaking Queensland Imposter!

Tony Harrison

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